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Dark Souls II Gets Trailer About Determination

By CameronW20-02-2014

"This isn't about Death. This is about your determination. This is about what you learn from death. This is about doing what you were meant to do."

It's not every day that the difficulty of a game gets its own trailer, though if any game were to I'd fully expect it to be Dark Souls. The voice-over just seems a tad... not Dark Souls-like. I don't know if that makes a whole lot of sense, but doesn't the Hollywood style voice-over seem like it could be thrown over some vignettes of Olympic athletes without having to change anything aside from that bit about Death? Not that that's a bad thing, it's just a bit of an odd trailer for a game featuring giant skeleton lords and dragons.

Eh, Trailers are weird. It's the game that matters. Dark Souls II is hitting store shelves for console gamers on March 11th in the US, and March 12th and 14th for Japan and PAL regions respectively. Still no word on that PC release date, though. Maybe we can pass the time watching the Skulled Shuffle on YouTube again.

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