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Dark Souls II DLC - The Lost Crowns

By drcoolio34505-06-2014

Praise the sun fellow Dark Souls fans, Dark Souls II DLC is on its way. It may have only been three months, but it seems that FromSoft has deemed it time to show the world their planned trilogy of DLC.

According to FromSoft, "The Lost Crowns" DLC is set in "an entirely different world within the Dark Souls 2 universe," and will have the player "reclaim the crowns" that King Vendrick once owned. The crowns are said to "hold the strength of kings from times long past," which begs the question, which kings? Well, the DLC packages are titled "Crown of the Sunken King," "Crown of the Old Iron King" and "Crown of the Ivory King." While fans of the game are familiar with the Old Iron King, the other two remain shrouded in mystery.

The first DLC, "Crown of the Sunken King," is set for release on June 22nd while "Crown of the Old Iron King" and Crown of the Ivory King will come out later on August 26th and September 24th. Each DLC will cost $10 a piece or $25 dollars for all three with the season pass available now on Steam.

You can thank Forbes' coverage of this story for catching that the recommended hard drive space for the new content is a whopping 14 GB, meaning that we can be pretty sure that this isn't just a tacked on 15 minutes or so of gameplay, but whole new levels to explore.

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