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Dark Souls II Collector's and Black Armor Editions Detailed

By CameronW15-02-2014

Nothing says "Good use of money!" quite like purchasing the Collector's Edition of your favorite upcoming video game. Dark Souls II isn't skimping out either. Purchasers of the Collector's Edition will get a little Warrior Knight figure, a book full of concept art, and a big'ol fabric map of the Dark Souls II game world.

What? You aren't drooling all over yourself yet? There's also the Black Armor Edition which disappointingly doesn't give you a full sized suit of armor to roll around in, but instead gives you the soundtrack to listen to and a metal game case to put away and never look at again.

But wait, there's more! If you get both (presumably by pre-purchasing the collector's edition, as the Black Armor Edition is a pre-order bonus.) you get your hands on 5 different sets of weaponry! Virtual weaponry of course, shipping swords to a bunch of teenagers might not go over very well.

Black Flamestone Dagger and Black Flamestone Parma – A dagger and shield encrusted in Black Flamestone both found in the Gutter at Black Gulch. Even though they are heavier than a normal dagger and shield, the Flamestone crystal's unique properties make the dagger extremely sharp and give the shield high resistance to damage.

Yellow Quartz Long Sword and Yellow Quartz Shield – A straight sword and small shield hardened with yellow quartz both uncovered at the bottom of the Iron Keep. Even though these items can break easily due to their high level of corrosion, they are exceptionally light and their power to inflict damage has not declined.

Bound Hand Axe and Bound Wooden Shield – A brutal hand axe and shield found in the Undead Purgatory. Both items are wrapped in chains and thorns to cause additional bleeding on enemies. Both the axe and shield have diminished in overall slashing power but their ability to deliver pain has been deliberately increased.

Homunculus Mace and Homunculus Wooden Shield – A mace and shield with spherical protrusions found in Aldia's Keep. Although heavier than normal maces and shields, the hard protrusions greatly increase the striking power of the mace as well as the shield's defensive capabilities.

Transgressor's Staff and Transgressor's Leather Shield – A staff and leather shield entwined with an unknown and seemingly lackluster element; these items are found in the Dark Chasm of Old. They have become a catalyst for sorcery and hex and cause an effect known as Darkness.

There's no telling if these weapons will unbalance anything, or if they'll even be useful, but I'm sure someone will complain about them on some forum someplace. Such is Dark Souls. Dark Souls II is launching on March 14th 2014 on the PS3 and Xbox 360, but it looks like us PC guys are still waiting a bit longer.

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