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Dark Souls 3 - Kingdom of Lothric Trailer

By drcoolio34510-02-2016

If you thought Dark Souls 3 was going to abandon the Souls staples like creepy old lady narrators, "old lords," bonfires, and cinematics so grey that it makes your grand-pappy's hair look golden, I've got a trailer you need to see.

Yes, the "Old Lords" are back again, and this time they're in Lothric. This time they're not divine revolutionaries or horrible demons, but as the slimy "Saint of the Deep" Uldrich,  Farron and his Undead Abyss Watchers, and the reclusive lord of the profaned capital, Yone the Giant.

Now that we know who we're facing, all that's left is to see who'll be first to run around Lothric naked, weaponless, being controlled with a rockband guitar, and still somehow beat the game. I'd give it three weeks.

The trailer doesn't have any gameplay, and out of context doesn't provide much lore, but it does tell us that Dark Souls 3 is scheduled to release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 12th.

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Oh, that music. Can't shake of the goosebumps.