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Dark Souls 2 To Have "More Expression"

By MrJenssen19-06-2013

While From Software made console gamers cry dying baby ponies out of their eyes from the brutal and unforgiving nature of the insanely difficult death-simulator that is Dark Souls, PC-gamers cried for different reasons. The PC-version of Dark Souls is colloqually known as one of the worst ports of all time, and rightfully so. Since then, we elitist few have been promised a "fully fledged PC-version" of the upcoming sequel, according to game director Yui Tanimura.

In talks with Polygon, Tanimura revealed that he and his team have apparently been hard at work with Dark Souls 2's new engine, to allow the game to be more immersive and expressive. He doesn't go into specific details, but states that there were limits to the old engine that apparently didn't lend themselves well to this type of subtle expression. Dark Souls 2 will, according to Tanimura, be able to render gimmicks such as visualizing off-screen enemies by shadow movement, and so on. Subtle details that help elevate the overall experience.

"We don't want to give everything away, but those kinds of things are small things that we wanted to express, and with this engine we think we can do that."

So, you mean to say that Dark Souls 2 will be kind of like a sequel to Dark Souls, building on the model while improving and evolving? Well, I'll be! Joking aside, though, this sounds really good. It is a testament to a developer truly devoted to his work, focused on making every last detail matter.

Now let's just hope they don't get so caught up in those details, that they forget what they said earlier about the PC-version...

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Couldn't possibly get more rage-y than what Trials Evolution is. O.o

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The only expression I will have is rage face.