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Dark Souls 2 To Be “More Understandable”

By SavageOcto11-12-2012

Dark Souls is known for being difficult. Very difficult. But Tomohiro Shibuya wants its sequel to be a little friendlier by being “more straightforward and more understandable.” Shibuya is directing the game with Yui Tanimura, filling the spot for Hidetaka Miyazaki, director for the original Dark Souls.

Let’s hope they are talking only about the story and universe and not actual difficulty. Otherwise for fans of the series, this could be disastrous. Part of the appeal of Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls was their difficulty. Earlier this year, Miyazaki himself made comments about the possibility of making an easier difficulty mode, but was later said to be “mistranslated” by Namco in a Metro interview.

Hopefully Shibuya can lower the entry point for the next Dark Souls without letting up on the difficulty the game is known for.

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Posts: 1317

No they mean they'll make it easier to understand certain concepts of the game that went completely unexplained in Dark Souls.

I'd love to know if they have plans on making their design decisions on PC more understandable, if you know what I mean...

Posts: 228

Story? No one ever understood the "story" of a Japanese game. And in gameplay terms, the only thing that I'd like to see "more understandable" is the interface and the control scheme.

Posts: 1548

I think they meant only in regards to story. If not then they are crazy if they "streamlined" it.