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Dark Souls 2 PC In Full Glory

By Kelevandos13-04-2013

The new director of the Dark Souls series, Yui Tanimura, has stated that the upcoming Dark Souls 2 will have a fully-fledged PC port. After Dark Souls PC version which could easily be called a disgrace to the company, those are really reassuring news.

Tanimura admits that the port of the previous game was "not very well done" and promises that this time it will be developed parallel to console versions, rather than after they are finished. While Namco states that the first game being brought to PC was a response to an internet petition, there is really no excuse for having put something like this on the shelves.

Moreover, some sources state that Dark Souls 2 PC is to be the leading version, on which the console games will be built! Also, it would supposedly run at 60fps, compared to consoles 30 and the engine of the game is supposed to have been completely reprogrammed! I am finding it really hard not to paste the "Boy, that escalated quickly" meme in here.

Knowing the Japanese, we sure can expect a major improvement there. A company as big as Namco hardly can afford another failure on this scale.

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But isn't it always mods that make a game like this?

Posts: 1317

It was certainly not a financial failure. People accepted the game's enormous issues in favor of the exciting gameplay. I was one who just couldn't. It was more than just the graphics. It was the controls, the menus... everything... or rather, nothing. Nothing was done with the game, jumping from consoles to PC. And the devs obviously didn't care. I can't accept paying for a game when the developer of said game doesn't even care.

I'm not holding my breath for the sequel. I hope it turns out great, I hope everything they say is true. I hope it becomes a great PC version of a great game. But I'm not gonna hold my breath for it.

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I think if it wasn't for modding it wouldn't of done so "well" on PC.

Posts: 3290

Calling it a failure borders on hyperbole. It wasn't THAT bad.

It was pretty bad though.

Good to hear they've recognised their mistake. A lot of developers could stand to learn from this