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Dark Souls 2 Getting Minor Facelift

By ember05-07-2013

When the developers behind Dark Souls 2 said they were going to stick with the core components of Dark Souls, they really meant it. Redditors translated a Famitsu feature which details four character classes and a few new things.

Guard break is a new special attack which redditors described as a "riposte, except after breaking someone's guard".

L3 will be used for jumping when running.

While usikng a two-handed bow, pressing R1 will shoot from the left quiver while R2 will shoot from the right.

Soul Arrow, soul spear, and an explosive soul spear magic

Magic greatsword


A buffing spell which increases attack and defense

Lightning spear

Dark Orb/Sphere that steals stamina

Life gem, stronger life gem.

Grass that restores spell count and a better version of that grass

Green blossom

Bom with magic damage


Other than item and attack/magic tweaks, you can check out the videos for the rest of the classes below. It seems like the warrior is the easiest, with Dual Swordsman, Temple Knight, and Sorcerer in descending order of difficulty. I much prefer to use a magic user, but with how difficult Dark Souls is I would most likely rage quit after dying 50 times in the first hour. Oh well.

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Posts: 1317

No it's probably more a kind of Witcher-thing. Geralt has a silver sword and a steel sword. These quivers are probably just different arrows. For example one is regular arrows, one is magic etc. You'll then quickly be able to shoot off different arrows without having to switch ammo type in the heat of battle.

Posts: 3290

Sounds like something akin to the switch shoulder view mechanic some third person shooters use. Or, more closely linked to the switch hand option some of the Splinter Cell games have. Also, it will allow different types of arrows to be carried simultaneously I'm guessing. Like, poison tipped on the left and fire on the right or something

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"While usikng a two-handed bow, pressing R1 will shoot from the left quiver while R2 will shoot from the right."

Woot? O.o