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Dark Souls 2 Gets Some Light Shined On It

By Doubleplus17-01-2014

Hungry for more info on Dark Souls 2? Well, good news, then! It may not be a PC release date, but it IS, however a gaggle of new screenshots and artwork, detailing many new characters and places within Drangleic. Among these new characters, there are the housekeeper, Milbeth; The mysterious Emerald Herald; the Merchant Hag Melentia; The Merchant of the West, Maughlin the Armourer; The cursed knight from Mirrah, Lucatiel of Mirrah; and finally the apostle called "Blue Knight," Blue Sentinel Targray.

Some more things to look out for in Dark Souls 2 is the Deep Pit, a 3D area very similar to Dark Soul 1's Blighttown (Hopefully minus the massive FPS drops), the Iron Gondola, eerily similar to the cages in Sen's Fortress, Majula, a dangerous place at the extremity of Drangleic, and finally a Human Effigy, the item that players will use to restore their humanity and get their Health back to maximum. This of course continues the Dark Souls Lore's habit of new information always leading to more questions than it answered. Who are these people? Where are these places?

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