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Dark Souls 2 Get Cursed with a New Trailer

By Doubleplus15-01-2014

Namco Bandai (or as I like to call them Bamco) has released a new trailer for Dark Souls 2. I have to say, much of the scenery and enemies are very reminiscent of Oolicile and its enemies in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC. Perhaps the Abyss will play a larger role in Dark Souls 2? Who knows. There’s so many questions surrounding it and a lot of speculations by the fans. Is Drangleic some version of Anor Londo, rebuilt a long time in the future? How long after the events of Dark Souls does Dark Souls 2 take place? When is it going to come out on PC? From has been really quiet on the specifics, only that it will be coming out “following the console release” which is on March 14th. It looks like it is coming along fantastically though.

The PC release of the original Dark Souls was...not stellar. Locked at 30 FPS, requiring a controller to play properly because of how bad the keyboard controls were, and the netcode that stunk to high heaven, but the game was so much fun a lot of people enjoyed it nevertheless (including myself, having almost 300 hours of it in Steam). However, with Dark Souls 2 PC being developed alongside consoles, I think that it won’t happen again, and the PC version will be much better this time around.

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Because something will.

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Why cant I shake the feeling that something will go wrong with PC version?

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