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Dark Souls 2 Beta Footage

By Mokman01-10-2013

There are some amongst the gaming community, within my own personal gaming group even, who refuse to be excited about any game, on the basis of them being cynical and jaded monsters too cold to expect anything good to spring forth from the corrupted beast that is our gaming industry. And yet, there is one exception to that rule, and that exception is Dark Souls 2.

Thus, this news may just send them head over heels in anticipation, because we've got a full half an hour's worth of Dark Souls 2 beta footage for consumption right here. That's right, and it looks simply... amazing. Not to mention brutishly difficult. Three swings and you're out of stamina? Creepy-ass environments laced with grimdark and deadly surprises? The one lonely interaction with other players through emotes? Yep, this is Dark Souls all right... but better. Trust me, just give it a watch.

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Stuntman clearly never played dark souls.

These videos with 3 dudes playing looks dull and thats not the way its meant to be played. Its not a Coop title, hence why it looks boring, its easy as shit when you have 3 guys. You rarely ever play with others, unless you have difficulty on a boss and you wish to summon someone whos out there helping other players for the sunlight medals. But as you know if you played Dark Souls, the bosses get a health increase for every player/npc you summon. Regular mobs dont though, which is why its easy and people that you summon tend to have better weapons, so they tend to one hit the randoms. But none of you actually did play it past the asylum anyway so, whatever ;)

But then again this is Hypocritejudge.com
Where they rate games 4/5+ when theyre clearly semi-broken.
(Hint Rome 2, Arma 3)

The sites trying to be like the other sites, getting quick hits mean so much more than quality reviews.
But then again, if you give poor scores, you might not get your free games :<

Yet a game such as Dark Souls is garbage, even though none of you played
it. And jenssen persist in the belief that its a shitty game

Speaking of mods in general:
17:53 - James May ?: so you rather play a shitty game than a good one, ok got it.
17:54 - MrJenssen - PixelJudge.com: no
17:54 - MrJenssen - PixelJudge.com: I don't play Dark Souls

"Games are shit, without us playing them.
We play crappy games and rate them high.
Its our way." ~Pixeljudge.

And no stuntmant, it looks nothing like dark souls, the engine is revamped, the lighting is completely different, they added softbody physics and shit. Combat isnt even the same, sure it may look like it to an inexperienced little twit, but then again, what can one expect from the cowadoody crowd thesedays. They changed the way dodging works, blocking etc, enemies are more aggressive so you cant just run away and drink an estus. But what can one expect from an outside crowd that already got their minds set on that it being a shitty game, without playing it.

Wouldnt surprise me if you'll rate BF4/Ghosts a 5/5 when theyre out.

Posts: 1548

I expected it to be a bit different (better) game.

Posts: 3290

It's PlayStation 3 footage dude. what do you expect?

Posts: 1548

I'm kind of disappointed by how it looks. IT looks exactly the same as DS. I expect progress.

Posts: 1317

I went ragemode? Damn. Didn't remember. I must've raged so hard that I can't even remember it.

Posts: 3290

Touchy subject huh?

Posts: 341

No he didnt Bob, you werent there.

I asked jenssen why he was playing a crappy game (yep, crappy game) like Day One, then he said "Same reason you play Dark Souls" then he started yapping on about it being a shitty port and then he said: shitty port = shitty game, blurry graphics, 720p, ugly textures and shit.

I mentioned dsfix and he was raving on about mods > game, still shitty game.
Anyway he doesnt even own the game, and hasnt even played it past the jailcell, so wth is he even on about. But then again, he has controller cancer and cant play games with one.

Anyway nice for a PJ-reviewer to pirate games, right.

And semantics my ass, bob, thinking you were there knowing what was said. I love it. But I guess, you "reviewers" gotta stand up for eachother, no matter what. Both hypocrites it seems. But yeah, when you argue with jenssen on Steam, he gets quiet after a while, wont reply for some time. Why is this? Oh right, cause he cant come up with anything once hes done raving on about either WoW or something else irrelevant to the subject.
Day after hes forgotten what was written and makes shit up, cause, its the Jenssen way.

Posts: 3290

You said Day One is a shit game. Jenssen said Dark Souls is a shit port.

Semantics make a huge difference

Posts: 341

Love it when you need to lie, and pretend like it never happened.
We discussed it yesterday when I mentioned how crappy "Day One" is, and you went ragemode saying how bad dark souls is.

Posts: 1317

Sure thing, Xidio. Sure thing.