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Dark Soul 2’s Estus Flask Springs a Leak

By Doubleplus21-01-2014

So this is a pleasant surprise: A buttload of info via an achievement list on Exophase, which may not seem like a lot, but is an absolute GOLDMINE of information. For instance, the "Brilliant Covenant" confirms that the Sunlight Covenant is back, but then again, we already kind of knew that from all the screenshots. What's more interesting is the other covenants that haven't been officially revealed, such as the Gnawing Covenant, which is a "Covenant of the Rodents." Anyone who's played Dark Souls 1 can tell you how ABSOLUTELY annoying rats are, and the Gnawing Covenant might be similar to the Gravelord Servant, but with invading other players games with rats rather than black phantom enemies.

Another interesting achievement reveals the presence of the Abyssal Covenant. The Abyss played a large role in Dark Souls, this big black pit requiring a special ring to not die in housing the Four Kings, and if the player played his cards right, The Darkwraith Covenant. It played a large role especially in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC where you must travel inside it to defeat Manus, Father of the Abyss, to repeal it and stop it from consuming everything. I'm guessing in Dark Souls 2, it will function similarly to the Chaos Covenant, a neutral covenant where you give humanity for powerful pyromancies, but this time donating something else in return for Hexes.

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Got to be honest, this game does look very good and one I definitely want to play