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Dark of Knight

By Bobfish28-03-2014

Today we're coming at you with some truly staggering new screenshots for the third, and concluding, part of the epic Arkham Quadrilogy. Wait, third, what? Just go with it. Anyway, it's unclear if they're all actually 'in' game but...well, they're certainly in engine. And even if they are only in engine, they are still some utterly stunning eye candy. Giving us a detailed, but still deliciously dark, look at the titular Arkham Knight. Bats new nemesis, who is increasingly looking like an entirely new character.

They do not, however, shed any light on whether Babs is able to walk or not. Something which earlier screenshots have appeared to depict, at least in my informed opinion. Perhaps because they're all so dark and brooding? BAM! But one thing is clear, this is going to be a gorgeous game. Offering up some deliciously visceral visuals befitting of the Dark Knight name,

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The Arkham Knight is indeed an entirely new character created for this game. Rocksteady said they're working closely with DC in creating it and hope that it will be their stamp on the Batman franchise. I'm really interested in the Arkham Knight character and who he/she actually is. I wonder if the person in the suit is a familiar face as they've only said the Arkham Knight as a character is new, they didn't say anything about the character inside

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That's not Bats. It's the new villain. Like a dark Dark Knight

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This Is looking pretty good. The new outfit is quite cool.