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Dark Havok 2

By Bobfish25-09-2013

Although it will be receiving a new graphics engine, Dark Souls 2 will be staying with the tried and true Havok physics engine for it's bacon making capabilities. Assuming you are the bacon and the way you are made is by being repeatedly stabbed in the face. However, according to Yui Tanimura, the game's chief director, any future Dark Souls games made with the next generation of hardware in mind would see vast improvements in physics. In his mind, the graphics capabilities of games consoles have reached their peak. Personally, I'm wondering what he's smoking, and strongly suggest he should start looking to PC hardware if that's his only concern. Speaking in interview to our colleagues at Joystiq, he elucidated further:

"In order to implement a physics engine, we'd need more machine power and more CPU power. That can only become possible if we were to create a game for the, for example, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. So that's something [I'd] personally be paying attention to if [I was] to create another [Dark Souls] title for the PS4 or Xbox One."

Honestly, I'm not quite sure what to make of all that. Other companies seem to be doing fine finding new ways to squeeze even more refined performance out of existing hardware. Be it for visuals, physics or a nice cup of tea. But at least it's good to know this won't be the last game that will tyr and brutally murder us in the face. Maybe with jiggle physics? Because they need so many more computations to work. Just ask Call of Duty.

Dark Souls 2 is due for release in March of 2014 on existing consoles and PC.

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Posts: 3290

I have a love/hate relationship with Havok.

I love to lol at how poorly people implement it into their games, and it's physics so it just plains hates me

Posts: 341

Watchu talkin' bout?

Havok is what Dark Souls uses, its for dead bodies, crates etc that you destroy. I just hope they add some weight to the bodies. Funny as shit the current physics on them, but some weight wouldnt hurt.