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Dangerous Drops Another Dev Diary

By Mokman07-10-2013

Attention space-farers innocent and nefarious, we have good news. Have you ever been caught in a space battle and felt that the ships were not big enough? Or that the first-person dogfighting was not epic enough? Well, here's a full-blown, mostly in-game diary explaining the mechanics behind the recently released Capital Ship Battle video, which, unsurprisingly, features a Capital Ship Battle.

Ever since Star Wars, watching tiny spacefighters dog it out while weaving amongst the turrets of crashing titanic vessels has been the wet dream of any science fiction geek - it is thus no surprise that interest for Elite: Dangerous is reaching huge high. The dev diary we have here raises that to yet another level by stating the various facts and new in-game mechanics involved, ranging from the graphic improvements, to the fact that one of the capital ships in the video is not in fact an Imperial ship despite being built in an Imperial shipyard, a backdrop of politics explaining the reason for such a phenomenon.

There's much more that's explained, from the battle damage shown from the strafing runs to the make of the aptly named Giant Plasma Cannons on the capital ships. So yes, it is as amazing as it looks, and surprisingly, the end-product may be something close to what we already have. I cannot wait.

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Oh, well this looks impressive.

Posts: 1548

I am getting more and more impressed by these guys. Pitty that they cant be as effective in marketing as Robers.