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DA III Will Lay Foundations For Other Bioware Games

By Fr33Lanc3r.00713-06-2013

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition - which recently saw a wonderful new Teaser Trailer - was the focus of a recent interview between Game Trailers and BioWare GM (I wish that stood for Gamemaster) Aaryn Flynn. The interview once again brought up the recent move to the Frostbite Engine, but also had some interesting things said about the RPG system that they've been working on for DA3. In particular, Flynn was quoted as saying "we can make good use of those [RPG systems] in the new Mass Effect, and the new IP that we're working on as well".

Could this mean that we'll be seeing a heavier, more old school RPG system for a Mass Effect game? Considering how painfully dumbed down Mass Effect got as time went on, I'm certainly hoping to see a return to BioWare's roots for any of their upcoming games. Fingers crossed that it'll actually happen, and that Dragon Age 3 isn't as dumbed down as Mass Effect ended up being.

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If DA follows the same pattern as ME, the third one will be damn near perfect and the multiplayer will be surprisingly good for a game that is supposed to be single-player only. Granted, ME2 wasn't as much of an atrocity as DA2, but still. I know not everyone agrees with that, on either side of the fence, but I for one really like the direction ME3 took with the powers/wight/equipment system, regardless of story.

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I remain sceptical :P

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Gods I hope so! I miss the old BioWare