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Da Comrade!

By Bobfish04-10-2013

Russians in space. That immediately sounds interesting. And is precisely what The Mandate is offering. The Grand feelt is scattered, and it falls to you, loyal general of the Empress, to reuinite them and quell the rebellions in the outlying territories. There is only one rule.

No quarter!

Presently doing the rounds on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight, I, for one, am thoroughly intruiged. There are a lot of sci-fi RPGs out there, this is true. But none few of them are of any significant quality. The genre has been almost completely ignored in recent years. And none, that I am aware of, have followed the rise of the Motherland in outer space.

So, yeah. Do yourself a favour and check this one out!

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Posts: 3290

I...I kidan' like it. Shows a lot of potential. Though I think the $500k funding level might bite them in the arse

Posts: 1548

Looked kind of cheap but also high quality at the same time. Hope the game can achieve the same feeling as well.

Posts: 1317

Russians in space? Holy hell, we'll need some strong helmets.

Posts: 228

I stole it from some guy in RPS, lol.

Posts: 3290

Oh...oh Gods!

I am so stealing that for the title of the next news!

Posts: 228

The winning joke for this is

My God, it's full of Tsars!