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Cyan Takes To Kickstarter to Abduct Your Money

By MrJenssen21-10-2013

Cyan Worlds, Inc. If you used a PC in the mid 90s, you have likely heard about this company at some point or other. They made Myst back in the early 90s. A first person point & click game so beautiful that it's still hard to believe it today. Now of course, all the environments and such were just pre-rendered, static images... but man, did Myst invoke awe in gamers back then. Since then, they've made a number of games, including the award-winning Riven in 1997 - the official sequel to Myst - and a number of less awesome titles with Ubisoft.

Now, Cyan are at it again. With Obduction, a new adventure game clearly inspired by their 90s monster hits, they aim to bring back the mystical atmosphere that made them so popular in the first place. To fund their new game, they've taken to Kickstarter, which frankly is rather unsurprising considering how most big publishers aren't too keen on making point & click games nowadays.

At the time of this writing, the project is around the $300.000 mark, and is climbing steadily towards the goal of $1 million. Though there are some fantastic concept art images available, you'll notice a jarring lack of gameplay description. We don't know if it'll be first person or third person. We don't even know if it'll be a point & click game at all. Cyan themselves explain that they want to keep the gameplay secret for now, as they don't want to spoil anything, but that honestly sounds more like an excuse. I'm not even sure they themselves know at this point, what the game will be like.

All we know about the game for now, is that you as the player, have been abducted to a bizarre alien world, and... that's it. Oh, and that the game will run in the Unreal Engine 4. That last bit of information is honestly quite comforting, considering how much of the allure of the original Myst was its astounding visual beauty. I'm sure Cyan will be able to squeeze out some picturesque environments with the new tech. One question remains; with the lackluster description and the $25 entry-fee, are Cyan going to make it all the way to one million dollars by November 16?

If you're interested in not knowing more about the project, you can head on over to the Kickstarter page and check out the various stretch rewards and so on. Seriously, you aren't going to find out anything more than I've already told you. But hey, good luck.

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