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Cut of Duty

By Bobfish30-09-2013

Speaking interview with our colleagues at GameInformer at the end of the last week, Mark Rubin gave some revelations that will doubtless piss off an entire army of whiney fanboys. Rather than adding to Ghosts, they cut a whole load of multiplayer content out.

Not so funny when it happens to the bit you care about is it?

It should come as no surprise, but the things that made the cut are the less, shall we say, grounded aspects of the series. Because, y'know, an attack dog taking down a fucking helicopter isn't a clear enough indication of how ridiculous the games have already become.

"We took the list of game modes, we cut it away - all of them. Said, 'Take every single game mode we've ever done and take them off the board.' The idea was to go through and then pull each one out and go 'TDM, should we keep it? Well, let's talk about why we should keep it.' TDM was a pretty easy one, we were like 'Ok, let's put that one back.' We tried to cut as many as we possibly could. The idea was, especially for launch anyways, to introduce a lot of game modes."

There are no specifics on what, precisely, was cut, and the conversation is left very much open to any cut content being re-added at a later date. If the whining is loud enough. So, I think, to sum up.

The Call of Duty devs said something controversial for the sake of being controversial.

Aren't happy with the insane amount of publicity you're already getting huh?

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Don't forget they have women now as well

Posts: 228

It's CoD, there's not much to say about it - they have a stupid story that features a dog and multiplayer that features killstreaks and most probably a dog. If they want "relevance", they should learn from whoever is planning DICE's PR about Battlefield 4. They find every turd, spray paint it gold and present it as the first shit ever made.

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Color me cynical, but this whole GameInformer special on Ghosts reeks of Activision trying to make sure Call of Duty is still relevant, more so in light of the massive media storm that GTAV set off. I mean, can you recall a GI special for a game featured months after it was already announced?

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They're just spewing hot air to get more attention

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This all just sounds baffling. They can't really asspull entirely new game modes to justify taking out old ones.