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Customisation Up the Yin-Yang

By MrJenssen03-02-2014

The newly launched Kickstarter campaign for Czech developer Warhorse Studios' Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been going quite well so far. With now over twice as much dosh collected as they originally asked for, I think it's safe to say that the publisher naysayers who believed there was no market for a realistic RPG, have been proven wrong. Big surprise.

But just because they now have £600,000 to jerk around with, that doesn't mean they're satisfied just yet. With a new Kickstarter update, with a video showing off the customisation options, they hope to pique the interest of even more potential backers. The basics are, well, pretty basic. You can yourself choose the gender, body type, skin tone, facial attributes, hair, beard and so forth with your character. But beyond that, Deliverance offers the ability to dress in layers.

If you've played The Witcher 2, you know that the characters there often dressed in multiple layers of leather, cloth and metal. Though the game itself didn't allow you to pick and choose what to wear in each layer, Deliverance aims to do exactly this. With 16 inventory slots designated for various types and layers of clothing, you can experiment extensively with your get-up, by placing cloth close to your skin, surrounded by a layer of protective and flexible leather, and finally a layer of plate metal or chainmail outside that again. And of course, some fancy velvet doodads on top of that again, just to show you have an eye for fashion as well.

But even going deeper, Deliverance shows some advanced systems that make clothes gradually more dirty and bloody over time, and you need to wash them to keep them up to the standards of a noble knight, and those you slay on the battlefield will not have their armor glued to their bodies - if you see something you like, you're free to take it off their mangled corpses.

In case you're such a snotty little shit that you're still not convinced about the ambition of Deliverance, their next video blog will show off the game's horse riding mechanics. We'll keep you updated on that as soon as it comes out Warhorse's doors.

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