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Customisation is the New Black

By StuntmanLT17-10-2015

In a tradition of almost daily trailers Activision brings us Black Ops 3 Tactical abilities. We are introduced to a Tactical Mode, Enhanced Vision and Tactical Rigs. The Tactical Mode and Enhanced Vision is something that you’ll be fused with all the time while Tactical Rig can be modified with two extra abilities. While what sounds to be a more tactical approach to a Call of Duty game, some of the abilities sound cheap, I’m looking at you Copycat. We took the ability to pick up enemy weapons for granted but this time around we will need to “equip” it.

Seeing this and previous videos the game starts looking a bit too busy and hectic, almost without a focus. CoD was always about lots of firefights and big explosions, the game that was easy to pick up, play and have fun. BlOps 3 seems to be set on changing that. Or maybe it’s just me getting old and grumpy?

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