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Cube Your Worlds

By Fr33Lanc3r.00715-03-2014

There's a new Kickstarter Project in town, and its name is Planets3 (that's Planets Cubed for those of you who didn't pay enough attention in high school). Presented as an open world, first person RPG with Minecraft style crafting, Space Engineers style vehicle building, and many cube shaped worlds in a solar system (and eventually universe) to explore; Planets looks like a game that could become the next gaming equivalent of premium crack cocaine.

It's a wonderfully quirky looking game (there's prototype footage below if you want to check it out yourself), and the pitch alone was enough to convince me to give it some money. So go give it a look!

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Posts: 1317

I suppose I'll have to pledge for this.

Posts: 29

That looks really cool.