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CryTodd Papy

By acharris7704-12-2013

God of War: Ascension director Todd Papy has announced that he joined Crytek. He also said that he is directing an unnamed game. Which game he could be directing for the PC is a mystery, but here are some that most of will want to see released on our gaming rigs. Could the next Crysis title see some God of Waresque style added to make the game more interesting?

Obviously we will not see a God of War title, as Sony owns the licence to this franchise. Something that will be interesting is if Papy creates a cross between God of War and Homefront, he could call it God of Homecry, or even Cry of Godfront. Either way, whatever he has planned for Crytek, it can only benefit from his vast experience in producing the God of War series. Let us know below what titles you would like him to do.


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God of Cry?