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Crytek Hard at Work Developing VR

By zethalee19-06-2015

Crytek has been hard at work figuring out new ways to immerse us in some graphically stunning VR pieces, and though what was linked above isn't necessarily new, there might be something to look forward to on the horizon. In any case, above is the "Back to Dinosaur Island" VR demo, featuring plenty of head tracking, a few in-your-face VR moments, and generally, working as a test for Crytek. They have, however, announced a new VR game, entitled Robinson: The Journey. Details on Crytek's blog were slim to nonexistent, only letting us know that we would be stepping into the shoes of a small boy who finds themselves on a mysterious planet. We're likely to find out more at this summer's Gamescom, but at least Crytek is still alive, and making games.


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