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Crytek CEO Speaks About Future

By Merc12-12-2012

In a recent interview with rockpapershotgun.com, Crytek's CEO was questioned about a whole manner of different things. Recently, Crysis 3 has been hyped up as the next big game on the horizon that will push PCs to the limit. Cevat Yerli discusses Crysis 1, and how it was a monster game to run maxed out on the hardware at the time. Even though this was awesome, it kinda worked against them because not everyone could play their game. With Crysis 2 Crytek took an approach that would allow more people to play the game, but at the same time they released a high resolution pack after the release of the second game. Whatever the first two games did however, Crysis 3 is hyped up to be a powerhouse in the graphics department. We will see after it is released. Many gamers also complained that Crysis 2 was more linear than it should have been, but Yerli promises that Crysis 3 will be more open.

Crytek has also been in the market with its F2P game Warface, and there have been rumors circulating that the next Crysis could be a free to play game. Yerli would not confirm or deny, but just states that it is “too early to say”. Yerli admits that F2P will be the future of gaming, but not anytime real soon. He could just be playing coy, but maybe we will see a F2P Crysis in the future.

Crytek was also developing Homefront 2, but with THQ having financial difficulties it is uncertain. Yerli seems very confident in Homefront 2 despite THQ’s hardships, and he actually states that it could help THQ get out of the hole they are in. We will see if that comes true, but the fact that Crytek is developing Homefront 2 is mighty intriguing.Yerli goes on to discuss the overall health of the gaming industry, and what he believes if the future of Crytek is. It may be difficult times for the industry, but there will be growth because of the hardships. What is your take on the Crysis franchise, or Crytek developing Homefront 2? Let us know in the comments.

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Kinda misleading title. I thought you guys had an interview with them.