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Crysis 3 was More MAXIMISED on PC

By Toast04-09-2013

Not surprising is it? It's time for a comparison from the PC to the console counter-parts which have been shared to the press by Crytek back at GDC. In the following comparison screenshots, we get to see the final versions in all their glory. Notice that there is less lighting in the 2 comparison screenshots, Crytek's Pierre Donzallaz noted that the PC version had more lighting effects throughout the game, and in some environments, the amount of lighting that was available on the highest settings was doubled.

Oh and lets come some facts too about Crysis 3's development. It took the Crytek team working on it around 15 months less time to develop than Crysis 2(which took a total of 38 months). Not only this, the team developing the 3rd iteration was smaller too, only around 100 were in the team compared to the team consisting of 150 people for Crysis 2. Pierre also stated that some improvements would be used in the 'next-gen' Crysis sequels such as more ambient occlusion, higher detailed lighting effects with real time approximations, physically based pipelines and volumetric effects. If it makes the games look more pretty, then sure, why not?

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