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Crysis 3 to be DX11-Only

By Mokman19-12-2012

It seems like in addition to the insane system requirements required to run Crysis 3, one also now needs to have DX11 installed. In an interview with Gametrailers, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has stated that the upcoming installment in the Crysis series is planned to be DX11-Only, dashing the hopes of those running DX10 systems who had previously expected Crysis 3 to run on a DX11 renderer but still support DX10.

In his statement, Yerli mentioned that the purpose as to this decision was to set a new graphical benchmark on the PC platform, listing a variety of settings that would sharpen and perfect the graphical aspect of the game. He further states that this would allow players to partake in an intense sandbox experience, mentioning the bending of grass in the recent trailer.

Ultimately, it seems to me that this is not so much a development decision but rather a marketing stunt. Take into account the fact that Crysis 3 will be running on consoles, and one has to admit that there is no way it could not run on DX10 at the very least. It is likely that Crytek is resorting to this as a statement that basically boils down to saying that they have moved on from DX10 in a hope to be somewhat more unique within the industry. Hopefully, this will not affect the player-base of the game too much, although it is likely this decision has cost Crytek potential buyers.

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Posts: 67

Dx11 only? Shit. I have two gtx 560 ti's, but still I find it hard to swallow. Bending of grass... that's one sweet feature I'm anxious to see.

Posts: 1317

Crysis 2 already cost CryTek a whole bunch of buyers...