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Crysis 3 - The Legend of Sherwood Returns

By Bis18marck7019-09-2012

Early next year, Crysis 3 will be upon us and Prophet has learned a thing or too. For one, in his battle against the invading Ceph and the corrupt CELL Corporation, he has become the next Robin Hood, here to defend us with bows and arrows against bullets, rockets and lasers. Yes, indeed, they will never stand a chance.

His old abilities, to which we are used to, will still be there. You can sneak around cloaked, taking out enemies silently, or boost your body armour and take them head on. How you fight this battle around NY Liberty Dome, is your choice and will depend on your play style. Who knows, maybe that bow will come in handy?

Crysis 3 will be released February next year. Until then, have a look at the newest trailer.

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Posts: 237

Indeed. Tho i didnt feel betrayed. Atleast not like Spoony for XCOM:

They need to prove a lot for many people with Crysis 3.

Posts: 1548

It looks good but I still feel hurt of last betrayal and trust doesn't come cheap these days.