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Crysis 3 Single Player Gameplay Footage

By Bis18marck7015-11-2012

It won’t be long now until Crysis 3 will find its way into our hands and Crytek is doing its best to keep our interest up. This time we’ll be seeing Prophet and Psycho, the latter having lost his Nanosuit and thus looking strangely peculiar, doing what they do best – trying to sneak past a gigantic Guard tower yet, how could it be any different, making the attempt irrelevant by blowing it up as well as mowing down countless enemies and pee-shooting turrets with some futuristic and downright bizarre equipment.

The game looks like you would expect from a member of the Crysis franchise – it’s beautiful and put into a grandiose setting. The gameplay footage reveals as much and it also gives us a glimpse at the changes made. Sprinting no longer drains your Energy but is connected to a separate, if invisible, countdown – However, going double-time while cloaked will still make you pop out of the cloak faster than you might like. On the other hand, CELL has learned to counter the Nanosuit. Thus, the occasional soldier deemed competent enough will be entrusted with an EMP grenade which, upon hit, drags your Energy down into the abyss.

Crysis 3 is set to be released February next year.


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It certainly looks good, but who knows until we play it. I liked the 2nd games multiplayer, but it needed some improvements.