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Crysis 3 – Hunter or Hunted?

By Bobfish21-12-2012

The second episode in the 7 wonders of Crysis 3 series has arrived. The video can be viewed above. This one focuses, not all that surprisingly, on the bow and arrow. Something that Crytek has been pushing as a big part of the game. Even going so far as to name their obligatory collector's version of the game, the Hunter Edition. Which reminds me, I really must place my pre-order.

Anyway, our boy the Predaphet does his thang, tearing up dem pesky varmints in true badass style. Proving, quite succinctly, that antiquated it may be, outdated it ain't. Of course, he does have a nifty piece of alien nanotech making him super strong, super resilient and able to turn invisible, but shh. That's entirely irrelevant. Go, shoo, go on, go check the video and see for yourself.

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Posts: 3290

Looks pretty sexy doesn't it

Posts: 1548

Ok even I have to admit it was cool.