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Crysis 3 Gameplay

By Bobfish22-12-2012

Seven glorious minutes of it. Following on from second part of 7 wonders, and apparently taking place in the same area (those rusted trains are a bit of a giveaway). We're not only being treated to some concrete example of the game to come, but also the return of a much loved character from the first game. Our dear old “I'm British you muppet” Psycho, still as Cockney as ever, but seemingly voiced by a different actor. Shame, but still. After the controversial announcement of no DirectX10 support we can at least, judging from the footage seen here, take comfort in knowing that, this time, we're getting a genuine Crysis experience. Looks good, wouldn't you agree muppets?

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The F is with the bows everywhere?
Oh, and one other thing, what's the deal with ghetto special forces in Crysis 3 and Prototype 2? Like, in the previous games they had high tech armor that was probably environmentally sealed and now they're all hoodies and shades.