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By Bobfish29-01-2013

Think the THQ bankruptcy story is over? Don't bet on it. After the utterly heartbreaking news that Vigil were completely ignored during the auction, Crytek have come descending from on high, like a grim executioner with a heart of gold, and snapped them up. Former Vigil head and co-founder David Adams will, again, be taking the helm of what will henceforth be Crytek USA Corp. Along with an impressive thirty-five other members (no staff list available at present) of the original Vigil team. Mister Adams, unsurprisingly, was thrilled with this turn of events, and rightly so indeed.

"I'm thrilled to be a part of the newest Crytek studio, which will boast some of the brightest development talent in the industry. The studio's launch represents Crytek's commitment to delivering diverse and high quality content to players everywhere."

Crytek have, however, dashed the buzz a little by stating that a new DarkSiders will not be top of the agenda. But honestly, right now, who cares? Some very talented people have been snatched from the bread line when all hope seemed lost. So please, join me below in toasting not only the newly formed USA Corp, but Crytek themselves for making all this happen. Because we all appreciate some good news.

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@Reaver : To be honest, I'd still be pretty happy if they did. Disappointed, because there are some incredibly talented people in that studio, but at least I'd know they still have jobs y'know? And it's much easier to find a new job whilst you still have one. Maybe they'll all pitch in and go Indie D: imagine that!

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Lets just hope they dont end up like Crytek Hungary making shitty mobil games.... Still a good news!