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CryEngine To Hit The Mainstream

By BloodyFanGirl26-04-2013

French company Enodo plans to use CryEngine 3 to create virtual, interactive industrial design models. Check out the demo reel. It’s just a proof-of-concept video but it looks SO PRETTY. Enodo had this to say about the concept trailer (an awkward gaming pun and business buzzspeak abound):

“Enodo bridges two worlds, with only one purpose: to level up our client’s business by questioning cutting edge Real Time 3D technologies, to show that the mechanisms governing the world of video games are powerful and will revolutionize the way to understand urban or industrial projects, their development, and their communication.”

Using the CryEngine this way could just be the beginning. Imagine viewing a 3D model of a house you’re keen on that’s the other side of the country or out of the country all together. Or maybe you want to check hotel facilities abroad. Or perhaps there are changes you want to make to a city’s infrastructure. With this technology you could simulate how the changes would work before you make them. Brighton is my home away from home and the road system here kind of looks like it was designed by a five year old. So I can definitely see this technology being useful here. Here’s hoping this sort of thing takes off.


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I'm sceptical to be honest