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CryEngine Becomes a Service

By NAG3LT22-08-2013

Crytek's latest engine, CryEngine 3 was launched in 2009 and was first used in 2011's Crysis 2. Yesterday Crytek announced a new version of their powerful game engine. However, this time it is not called CE4, as Crytek decided to drop numbers from its constant updates in favour of providing it as a service.

Areil Cai, Director of CRYENGINE Business Development said the following:

"Supplying an engine is not about delivering a static piece of software. It's about Crytek being an R&D team for our game licensees; providing the latest, greatest technology we can, all the time. As an industry, we're all looking to deliver games as a service now – and we feel the same approach can be taken with game engines. Today's announcement reflects this progress, as well as our ongoing commitment to making sure CRYENGINE® licensees always stay well ahead of the game."

Crytek advertises their engine with full support for 6 platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, X360, PS3) at the moment, with the support of additional ones coming in the future. The list of feature updates will be posted at a new CryEngine site. Crytek has also updated the free CryEngine SDK for non-commercial users with the latest technologies used in Crysis 3. It will be interesting to see how popular will CryEngine become among game developers.


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