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Cry for Freedom Coming Soon

By Bobfish18-12-2013

Wait a minute, wasn't this released yesterday? Why yes, astute reader, yes it was. Today for the PlayStation systems, but we don't care about them, and yesterday for the Xbawcks and PC. Or rather, that's what they want you to think! For some arse backwards reason, Ubisoft announced, via their bloody forums no less! That the PC version, and only the PC version, has been delayed. It will now be released 'in the coming days'.

Now, I don't deny, I'm a fan of Ubisoft. I'm a massive fan of many, most even, of their games and franchises. I've been staunch in my support of them in the past, despite some of their more unpopular moves such as the DRM they still try and sneak in from time to time. But this is pushing me way past breaking point. See, Ubi keep claiming they want to improve their relationship with us, the PC crowd. Delaying a DLC at five o'clock in the evening of the day it was supposed to release...that is not the way to do it.

I'm sory, professional neutrality is going out of the window this time. This is fucking bullshit. Plain and simple. This is not only an insult, it is a slap in the face to the people who pay for your livelihood and is tantamount to fucking fraud. Get your act together. And you know what? If this is how you want to 'improve' your relationship with us, you can fuck off back to the consoles, 'cause you were doing a much better job when you kept telling everyone we were a bunch of thieving pirate scum.

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