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Crush the Colonists in Europe Universalis IV

By JcDent03-01-2014

Europa Universalis IV is a grand strategy game where you can lead any of the world's nations from the 1400s to 1800s. It's a lot of fun, especially when your own people start revolting and you have to shell out cash for mercenaries to crush your uppity subjects. But it's not only that: the Americas need to be explored and the Conquest of Paradise DLC focuses on that. One new thing – besides reworked amerindian play and the possibility to get a randomly generated America – are the colonial nations.

In the vanilla game, you can send military expeditions to found colonies. I mean, you can just send colonists, but without strong European arms and boomsticks to defend them, those guys get slaughtered immediately. Anyways, once the colony grows to a proper province, it becomes just like any other land in Europe. In CoP DLC, the Americas have been divided into several sectors. Have enough colony lands in those and they'll form a colonial nation, which will start gobbling up your other, new colonial holdings.

The colonial nation is treated somewhat like a vassal country and provides trade power. You also put various tariffs on it, raising them with Diplomatic power points. But raise the tariffs too high and the colonials will start a rebellion – and those are always a pain in the ass in Paradox games.

All in all, I can't wait to see this mechanic interact with both tribes and random continent! The DLC is supposed to come out this month!

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