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Crush the Castle in Medieval Engineers

By Doubleplus11-06-2015

While it's fun to build, nearly everyone can agree that it's more fun to destroy. Specially, it's more fun to destroy other people's stuff. The latest update to Medieval Engineers, a game that up until this point has had a much bigger focus on building rather than destroying, introduces Castle Siege mode, where one team defends their castle, specifically a king statue somewhere within it.

The thing that makes me feel like there is a bit of wasted potential is the fact that all the castles are prebuilt, rather than having the defenders build their own castles to defend and awarding points to the attackers based on how much material is used and how big the castle is, allowing for the option of "Would you like to defend your small hovel against a light attack force, defend a fortress against a heavy assault or somewhere in the middle? This would also make things a lot more dynamic, every round potentially being completely different from the last.

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I want to be able to excavate though, so I can build a proper, underground dungeon