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Crusader Kings Z and Europa Universalis The Musical

By Merc01-04-2013

Are you in the mood for more zombie action that strays from the popular Day Z and the less popular War Z? Here is a strategy game that will expand on the Crusader Kings universe, how you ask? Zombies of course, it is always the best way to expand on you video game universe. Paradox Interactive announced the new game on their forums. The new features will include ruling as a zombie king, or as a zombie hunter. You can eat the brains of your rivals to absorb their unique traits, or spread plague to spread your undead rule.

What else could Paradox do today that would make fans excited? Not only zombies but now you can go in your real life and watch a musical. According to the website:

"Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio are rekindling your dreams of leading a global empire with the announcement of a brand new initiative. Europa Universalis: The Musical will bring the stories behind the games to life through the art of musical theatre and will allow players and musical aficionados alike to conquer the world with music."

Paradox Interactive has even released a documentary to showcase the work going into the musical. So there is a lot to be excited for, what are you looking forward to?

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I dont know about you but I will be going to the musical ;)