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Crusader Kings (2) Meet Rajas of India

By JcDent31-03-2014

Crusader Kings II, the Paradox grand strategy game about backstabbing your way to medieval glory, already tackled pagans, Aztecs, Jews and even Venetians. Now, it sets its sights east with the release of the grand Rajas of India DLC. And while I am fond of stereotypes and diagnosing proponents of political correctness and SJWs as suffering from pains of the posterior, the ads for the game cram every word a kid might have heard about India from Bugs Bunnty cartoons. Even if it makes little rhyme or reason (“rise above your caste”...isn't noble caste the top-most caste anyway?). Bizarre wording aside, what else do we find in the new release?

For one, the map almost doubles in size to accommodate parts of Persia, Indian peninsula and even Siberia. You can play as an India ruler (with Indian facial profiles and clothes!), belonging to one of the three major religions: Jain, Buddhism or Hinduism, each with their own features and benefits. Caste system is also implemented, as well as various Indian events and decisions. Jungles are a new terrain and elephants are a new unit type. In fact, there are many new unit types and general changes that come in an enormous patch released on this occasion.

Seems like a worthy DLC for its costs.

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