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Crown of the Old Iron King

By drcoolio34528-08-2014

The Crown of the Old Iron King DLC is out, and it wants to burn you to cinders. Past the Smelter Demon, the Old Iron King, and a primal bonfire now lies the entrance to a land of towers of steel, iron caves, and floors covered in ash, the land that once belonged to the Old Iron King.

The Old Iron king may have made one of the less impressive displays as a Boss in Dark Souls II, but he knows how to make a solid DLC package. The Crown of the Old Iron King, like its predecessor The Crown of the Sunken King, offers players who bought the DLC or season pass more playtime of course, but more importantly new enemies, new bosses, new lore, new environments, and new equipment to search for. Of course, the journey isn't easy. Keeping faithful to the Dark Souls style, you'll die time and time again, like a moth to a flame... But then you'll fall off an edge, shout "Crap!"and want to come back for more.

Crown of the Old Iron King is the second entry into the trilogy of Dark Souls II DLC, the next and last entry being Crown of the Ivory King which is coming out next month, and having played through the two entries myself already, I can guarantee you that they're phenomenal additions to the Souls series, especially fans who like the original Dark Souls over Dark Souls II.

Crown of the Old Iron King is out now for PS3, Xbox One, and PC. You can get a standalone copy on Steam for $10 or get the season pass for $25. Have fun out there those of you who bear of the curse, you'll need it.

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