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Crown of the Ivory Screenshots

By drcoolio34519-09-2014

You're going to have to wait to play the Crown of the Ivory King DLC until this upcoming Wednesday, but until then we've got the first official gameplay screenshots for you to look at straight from FromSoftware.

First up is a screenshot of the area, but what's more interesting is what the player is wearing. That looks exactly like the Aurous armor set but in a solid steel form. Maybe it's a brand new armor set? Also Golems! They're back and kicking you around finally! It always seemed like the golems in Dark Souls were underplayed for their lore significance, so I for one welcome our stony automatons as a new enemy type.

A picture of the city pointing out some of the architecture. Sure looks a lot like another old city in the Dark Souls universe, just a bit more cold this time around. And finally showing off some of the multiplayer co-op AND another new enemy. This ice-horse creature is in several of the screenshots that FromSoftware released, so maybe it could be a recurring enemy just like the ashen bride in the "Crown of the Old Iron King DLC?"

The Crown of the Ivory King DLC is set in less of a Winter wonderland and more of a freezing hellhole it seems, but that won't stop Souls players. Just be sure to have a warm torch in hand for when you start freezing to death.

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Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the bonfire is so...essential for refilling my estus flask