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Crowdfunding Not Resetting

By acharris7714-12-2013

Black Cloud Studios, who started a Kickstarter project for the amazing looking game, After Reset, have not reached its target. Looking for $900,000, they only managed to raise $47,939. So what does this mean for the loyal backers that got behind the project? Black Cloud has a plan B, which is to offer direct backing on their website and a couple of features for the loyalists.

For backers who pledged $20 or more, they will get access to the current tech demo, which will be released at the end of the week. And those who pledged $35 or more will get that and access to the private forum for co-founders to show recognition for the support. There are also a few other incentives as well being offered.

This is what the developers had to say about the project:

"Our Kickstarter is almost done, and rather than waste your time merely discussing how thankful we are for your support, I'll simply say that all of us at Black Cloud Studios have been inspired by your love and support throughout the campaign.

Some might view this campaign as a failure, but even though we didn't collect the $900k needed to complete the development of our game - we did attract more than 1300 classic RPG fans to our cause, and we received two proposals from serious international studios. Sure, one door has closed - but others have opened up to replace it. The game will still be made, but (sadly) it will take much longer this way. We'll still continue to forward our major website updates, and press releases, to Kickstarter even after the campaign finishes."

This message and incentives show that the team have considered the loyal backers, who got behind the project to try and get this great looking game released. Hopefully we will see more from these guys in the future, and hope their next (or even this) project is successful.

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