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Crowdfunding Nomads

By Mokman24-06-2013

Space Nomads, one of the most misleading upcoming titles in the indie games industry right now, has released a crowdfunding video in order to attempt furthering its track towards completion on Indiegogo, which still has quite a way to go as it has only reached $4,375 of the $60,000 goal as of right now. Still, the video is worth a watch, encompassing pretty and interesting visuals with a very novel style towards showcasing the gameplay.

The debut of Loading Studios, Space Nomads has been covered a few times before on our site, where we described what exactly the game is about, a form of strange tower defence alien Minecraft, and with a whole plethora of interesting creatures. But does it warrant your funding? If you think so, then head on over to Indiegogo and help Loading Studios out.

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