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Crowd Control In WildStar

By JcDent28-08-2013

Crowd Control is an important thing because otherwise, hippies, anti-globalists and "OccupyXYZ" would run unpunished... I mean, you need to reign in the mobs in MMOs and they add more flavour than just having attack and heals. That said, here's how WildStar deals with it.

We've already gone over the movement and surprisingly un-MMO combat, now we have Crowd Control. The stand out point in all this (other than enemies apparently having adorable sleep animations) is Break Out. That's what the devs call your ability to get out of CC effects, such as stun, sleep, disarm, etc..

For example, disarm knocks the weapon out of your hand and you need to fetch it. Way better than some invisible damage reduction. And if you get stun, you just hammer the F key to get out of it faster - this probably simulates shaking ones head to feel clearer. Blind limits your vision severely - your abilities still work, but your blind fire might not be as effective. And so on, and so forth...

Also, there are mechanics in place to CC bosses - no longer will they absolutely immune to such trickery!

Gotta say, WildStar is shaping up to be a very interesting game.

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If I ever get a beta key then I can try this for myself.