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Cross Hulking

By Bobfish26-11-2013

Full Control's Space Hulk is making its way to mobile devices forthwith. And before you start scratching your noggin to fathom why on Earth a PC dedicated website is mentioning, let alone caring, about this. It's an awesome game that needs more recognition. It's also going to feature cross platform multiplayer. PC to phone/tablet and any variation thereof. That's why we're talking about it. In an industry dominated by dig waggling and 'our online is better than yours' douchebaggery, this little Danish studio is leading the way...almost.

It's not the first time we've seen cross platform multiplayer of course. Hey, the jazzman himself even offers cross platform save (taking your save file from one device to another) transferring...ness. But despite the relative obscurity of the studio, the Warhammer/Games Workshop brand is certainly amongst the more widely recognised to offer such features. Hopefully more companies will follow suit and start fully realising the potential and desire for better co-operation between platforms like this. And dude, those screenshots, from the tablet version, are pretty darned close to the PC level, so major Kucos.

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