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Crimenet Doesn't Pay...The Incompetant

By Bobfish05-10-2013

The sixth episode of the increasingly stylish Payday web-series has hit the internet, expanding on the characters of Vlad & Gage. As the feds close, we follow several disparate elements in what is promising to lead to one hell of a crescendo.

For those who haven't given this a try yet, you really should. For those who have and were put off by the...questionable start, you should try again. The production valuves, and length, of each subsequent episode are increasing significantly, and this is unarguably the best episode yet. The only thi9ng we are left wondering is how much, and in what way, this will all affect the game as time goes on.

It will damn sure be interesting to see.

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Posts: 297

I'll put this on my radar to watch some time...

Posts: 3290

They're a bit flakey in the first couple. But they start really picking up from episode 3

Posts: 166

I haven't watched any of these web series yet. Will have to try and watch them.