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Crew-operative Play

By Bobfish13-06-2013

Pete Young gave a few short words on how and why co-operative play will be brought into the upcoming racer The Crew. Now, I'm not usually into racing games, driving sims of any kind actually. But when it was first shown at E3 on Monday, The Crew really caught my eye. Precisely because of the multiplayer aspect. Which is also odd, because that tends to be the other thing that turns me off almost immediately. Yet, for some reason, putting the two together has really piqued my interest. Check out the video above, and the earlier E3 stuff, and it might just win you over too.

Comments below either way dudes. Let's get our crew ready to roll!

Many thanks to our colleagues at Joystiq for uploading this.

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Well, I'll give them one thing, they're concise

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The Crew, The Club,...

What is it with these racing game names lol.