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Create Your Own Campaigns On The Sword Coast

By WskOsc06-07-2015

Though a little lengthy the above trailer shows the developers of Sword Coast Legends playing through a created campaign. The game involves not only playing a Dungeons & Dragons RPG but also allows a group to play together with one of them taking on the role of a dungeon master who can place items, traps and encounters and also do things like lock doors. This isn't a versus mode though; just like the pen and paper versions of the game the DM and players are different parts of a story-telling experience so one doing well benefits the other.

We still don't have a release date other than 2015 for the game, but from what's been shown off so far it's looking like it might be a worthwhile alternative to the pen and paper version for gamers who maybe don't have enough time to fit in a traditional campaign or just want a newer Neverwinter Nights style experience. Either way, we're excited for it and we'll have more info as it becomes available.

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