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E3: Crazy SR4 Gameplay and Interview with a Madman

By Mokman15-06-2013

Well, if it hasn't been enough yet, there's more - Saints Row 4 is back with yet another gameplay walkthrough, this time graced by the presence of Steve Jaros, its creative director. Walking through the madness with Adam Sessler at E3, they showcase a bunch of ridiculous scenarios - one that particularly made me roll into peals of laughter was a your first as the Leader of the Free World - where you are given a choice between Curing Cancer, which on the proposition paper was written as "Fuck Cancer", and the other being Solving World Hunger, which was aptly titled "Let Them Eat Cake". This form of wit and humour seems to be prevalent throughout the rest of the game, though it seems that Saints Row 4 by no means uses it as a crutch.

Instead, it simply enhances the mad gameplay, where you, as the President of America, start to run through the Oval Office kicking alien ass and pumping them full of lead. Man, this is so damn over-the top... you sit in an anti-air gun with the seat as a motif of the American Eagle splayed across a chair. I love it. Better yet, we have more than fifteen minutes of exclusive footage thanks to our colleagues at Connected Digital World.

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