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Crash Face First Into Deadfall Adventures

By JcDent28-09-2013

Deadfall Adventures is NOT going to be zombie game as the name would suggest. It's an adventure FPS where you play as Nathan Drake... Well, as Nathan Drake lookalike James Lee Quatermain (probably no relation to Allan Quatermain of King Solomon's Mines and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fame, but the devs claim him as inspiration) as he battles Nazis, Russians and zombie Aztecs in search for mysterious Atlantean treasures. Unreal Engine 3 is going to make this an ugly affair, can't wait.

In the CGI trailer we hear an old lady telling us that everything has to die... but everything will return (make up your mind lady). This probably has something to do with the main character crashing a plane into a pyramid and waking up a guy that was buried alive thousands of years ago.

Yes, this is very strange, but at least the trailer is pretty.

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Haha, City Interactive is awesome! It's funny how Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is like their crowning jewel.

Posts: 27

You haven't seen generic low budget shooter until you've played City Interactive's hallmarks of budget pc gaming likely played most by Russians.

Posts: 1317

Watching the gameplay... Ugh, I don't know. I want the game to be great, but it looks way too much like a generic low budget shooter, with the theme slapped on top. I really hope that's not the case.